Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Strange Angels - Lili St. Crow

\Love in the Mail!!!!   Squeeeeeee!  (Okay, I am normally not a squee girl, but I am making an exception here.) Today I got my first advanced reader's copy of a book and I feel so priviliedged and special (I shouldn't but I do, so I am just going to go with it).  It has just moved to the next in the to-be-read list as soon as I finish The Forest of Hands and Teeth (It has zombies ;)).

Book Info:

Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St. Crow
Series: None
Genre: Young Adult, fantasy
Edition: Trade Paperback
304 pages
Price: $9.99
Published: May 14th, 2009 (available for preorder)

Product Description
Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called “the touch.” (Comes in handy when you’re traveling from town to town with your dad, hunting ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional zombie.)
Then her dad turns up dead—but still walking—and Dru knows she’s next. Even worse, she’s got two guys hungry for her affections, and they’re not about to let the fiercely independent Dru go it alone. Will Dru discover just how special she really is before coming face-to-fang with whatever—or whoever— is hunting her?

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